Key Issues

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In 2022, Philadelphia had over 500 homicides, an overwhelming majority of which were the result of gun violence. Effective solutions to gun violence require an approach that addresses not only the root cause of crime but empowers law enforcement to collaborate effectively with communities to deter violence and crime. As a member of City Council, Jalon Alexander will advocate for the following:

  1. Public online access to viewing community surveillance cameras to increase leads and community responses to calls for information and tips to solve crime.
  2. Assigning police units efficiently- Police officers should be stationed in areas data informs us are most prevalent, to both deter crime and increase community trust.
  3. Provide more resources to law enforcement to provide for cognitive bias training to ensure interactions with community members are grounded in safety concerns – not race.
  4. Appropriate more funding for emergency shifts and hot spots to deter crime in areas of the city where it occurs disproportionately.

These approaches to addressing crime will help to improve the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve while also ensuring we empower police to deter crime while responsibly spending taxpayer dollars.

Jalon Alexander believes in maximizing Philadelphia’s true potential by collaborating with industry to create jobs. These jobs will provide long-term careers and competitive salaries for all citizens regardless of age and zip code. As a sitting member of the City Council, Jalon will work to:

  • Subsidize 6–12-month certification programs for Philadelphia residents in STEM. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) To provide Philadelphians, regardless of age, highly paid technical jobs unoccupied in the city.
  • Work and incentivize local Universities to procure and invest in local small businesses to create jobs and grow the economy.
  • Create and promote more union jobs that pay competitive salaries for citizens without college-level education.
  • Provide more support to existing programs and nonprofits that employ and equip citizens that identify as disabled with job skills for competitive employment in all sectors of our economy.

The economy of Philadelphia today is stuck in 1980, without aggressively investing in citizens of all ages, zip codes, and economic backgrounds- crime, unemployment and irresponsible gentrification will destroy neighborhoods.

Jalon Alexander believes that thriving communities have culture, identity and safe neighborhoods. The key to thriving communities is increasing home ownership amongst long term residents. Period.

Economic development and the increase in mixed housing units are critical to promoting Philadelphia’s growth and fighting the housing crisis. However, the Government has a responsibility to ensure that development and investment decisions in communities include the residents that live there. Sitting in City Council Jalon will work to ensure that:

  • The city works to maintain programs such as the Philadelphia Basic Systems Repair program.
  • Supporting tax policies such as the Homestead Exemption Program- to help homeowners maintain residency and avoid being priced out by increasing real estate taxes.

Creating long term high wage paying jobs to ensure residents demand salaries that ease the burden of home ownership.

Jalon Alexander believes all individuals are entitled to equal rights under the law. This belief includes individuals who identify as LGTBQ+. While Congress, the Constitution, and the Federal Government control and define the rights of citizens, Philadelphia still has a role to play in creating an inclusive environment for all its citizens. Support for LGTBQ+ from the city should include the following:

  • Ensuring discussions about policy and regulatory enforcement of anti-discrimination laws to protect LGTBQ+ individuals against discrimination always recognize the intersectional differences between people who identify in these groups.
  • Educate the public on the laws and regulations to promote inclusion. These include Gender-Neutral Bathroom laws and tax credits to encourage health benefits to trans employees.
  • Work to encourage federal officials to codify and incorporate sexual orientation to be included in sex interpretations of sex-based discrimination. This form of legal protection must be codified.
  • Promote training on implicit bias and the City’s Fair Practice Ordinance for bars and nonprofits serving the LGBTQ community, consistent with the findings from the 2017 Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations LGBTQ report.

Philadelphia must recognize and respect the dignity of all individuals regardless of how they identify. Ensuring the city is inclusive and supportive of individuals of all sexual orientations is of the utmost importance. Jalon Alexander will be a fierce advocate and steward for the constitutional protections of all identities.

Jalon Alexander is a product of public education. Jalon was blessed to attend William W. Bodine High School for International Affairs- a special admission public school in the Northern Liberties Neighborhood of Philadelphia. While appreciative of his education and extra-curricular activities Bodine provided, these opportunities must be made available for students at all of our public schools. On Council, Jalon will advocate for the following: Reform the education curriculum that emphasizes subjects that will prepare children for today’s economy- STEM, Financial education, and trade programs.

  • Working with the school board to reform a curriculum emphasizing subjects that will prepare children for today’s economy- STEM, Financial education, and trade programs.
  • Facilitate relationships between non-profits, universities, and non-special admission public schools to ensure that children receive excellent opportunities beyond the curriculum regardless of their zip code.
  • Propose innovative solutions to increase revenue for public schools without taxing middle-low-income citizens.
  • Support and pay teachers more competitive salaries to increase talent in the school district. Philadelphia ranks close to the bottom in average salary pay for educators.